BU5CE -  Ukulele Concert Electro. Maple Finish

BU5CE - Ukulele Concert Electro. Maple Finish

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Another excellent choice if you’re looking to upgrade your Uke performance, the Brunswick BU5 will reward you with a bright and clear tone.

This BU5CE model is a concert sized instrument - one steup up from the Soprano - and features a built in pickup and preamp system. This means that you can plug your ukulele into an amplifier or PA system and let the everyone hear! 

You’ll love how the blonde tonewood both looks and sounds, plus the fully-geared nickel machineheads will ensure on-point tuning every time.


Series BU5 Series
Colour Maple Finish
Back / Side Bass Wood
Instrument Type Ukulele
Top wood Bass Wood
Size Concert
Bridge Composite Wood
Electro? Yes
Fingerboard Composite Wood
Neck Okoume
Sound Bar Spruce

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